Macintosh Quadra 605


The Quadra 605 is an Apple Macintosh personal computer based on the Motorola 68LC040 CPU. Code-named "Aladdin" or "Primus" it was released on October 21, 1993 as part of the Quadra series and discontinued on October 16, 1994.

With an elegant, minimalistic design the Quadra 605 is one of the few Macintosh models that does not share a case with another machine. The internal layout and components are identical to the Apple Macintosh Performa/LC 475 and 476.


Complete system specifications


Download operating systems compatible with the Quadra 605


Various upgrades and modifications to Quadra 605 hardware


Basilisk II is a Macintosh 68k emulator that allows you to run the classic Macintosh OS and applications on modern computers.
These downloads are fully configured versions of Basilisk II that include the required ROM as well as a hard drive image with Mac OS 8.1 and various applications.



Photographs of Quadra 605 hardware


  • No video on startup: If you hear the startup chord but video never initializes, the logic board battery is probably dead.
    • Temporary workaround: Flip the power switch on and then quickly toggle the switch off and then on again. The system should then boot up normally.
    • Solution: Replace the logic board battery with a 3.6v 1200mAh 1/2AA lithium battery
  • Vertical lines, horizontal lines or snow on video
    • Solution 1: Check cable connecting monitor to video port
    • Solution 2: Reseat VRAM SIMMs
    • Solution 3: Replace VRAM SIMMs
  • Eight-tone error chord at startup
    • Solution 1: Reseat RAM SIMM
    • Solution 2: Replace RAM SIMM


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  • Part Numbers

    • M1821LL/A - Macintosh Quadra 605 with 4MB RAM, 512K VRAM, and internal 80MB hard disk drive
    • M1822LL/A - Macintosh Quadra 605 with 8MB RAM, 512K VRAM, and internal 160MB hard disk drive
    • M0517LL/A - VRAM Expansion Kit (two kits required for expansion to 1MB VRAM)
    • M1507LL/A - 4MB DRAM Expansion Kit
    • M1508LL/A - 8MB DRAM Expansion Kit
    • M2460Z/A - Apple Ethernet LC Twisted-Pair Card
    • M9060LL/A - Apple PlainTalk Microphone